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Many people go through years of learning but are still not conversant with some basic mathematics words.  For instance, there are some kids who aren't able to explain what fractions are, something that would not be difficult when taught clearly and reasonably.


A fraction is a number that expresses part of a whole as a quotient of integers that is where the denominator is not zero. However, the fraction being a rational number does not include every rational number a fraction. All fractions are not same in value. One fraction may be smaller than the other fractions, and it may be larger than some other fractions. Therefore, it is appropriate for kids to know how to compare and differentiate them as this is of great importance to them. 


There are three steps in which kids can be able to compare fractions. The first trick is to compare they have got the same numerators. If the numerators are the same, then the fraction with the largest denominator is the smallest, very important. The second way is comparing their denominators. When their denominators are the same, then the fraction with the smallest numerator becomes the smallest while that with the largest numerator becomes the largest. Getting a fraction calculator would be a great idea. 


The above two ways compare fractions based on their denominator and numerator that is when their numerator or denominator is the same. However, it proves difficult when series of a given fractions have varying denominators and numerators. In such a case, they need to make the denominator of the fractions same. This can be achieved by knowing the least common factor or least common denominator.


It can be said that to compare and order fractions, kids are advised to keep the above three tips in mind as that's the only way they can be able to compare and differentiate fractions even though the use of least common factor is the common and most appropriate more so when comparing two or more    fractions with different denominators.  


Like in all mathematics concepts, fractions concept need to be communicated to young children in such a way that they can understand easily. A tutor can incorporate fraction in various activities such as cooking, stories, and games. For instance, cooking introduces children to the language of fractions.  As they take part in such activities, they familiarize themselves with words such as whole; part, half, third and many others.


Some games are also able to familiarize a child with some fractions concepts. For example, depending on your class size, you may need to split the class into definite groups, say two. It is through this that a child would be able to know they have been divided into two groups, also called half. Teaching fractions is therefore not a complicated thing. It only requires dedication and time. An area of a circle calculator would also prove to be quite useful. 


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